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The Oxbow Lake Band hail from Aberdeenshire. We're an actively gigging and recording band, with many legs and arms. Please email for bookings and have a look at our list of gigs.

We have a new EP coming out imminently as a 7" (yes, an actual record - better get up to the loft and dig out that turntable). The Boy Angus EP is sounding pretty good, if we do say so ourselves... but have a listen and make your own conclusions; it's already up on our Bandcamp page for your aural pleasure.

Our album 'Away From The Mainstream' and the accompanying single 'Driven To Dance' are still available! See the download links on the Music page, or you can buy actual CDs from any band member, provided we still have any left, and we haven't forgotten where we left them.

Musically, the Oxbow Lake Band are a genre-defying bunch of grass roots musical magpies, multi-instrumentalists and good time charlies. They also like to dance like their dads, and have a taste for experimenting . . .


Find us in all the usual places: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud>/ Reverbnation / / Myspace

Contact us by email - also see us on Facebook and at Village Sunsets Records.

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